General Electric (Allison) J35 (TG-180) Turbojet Engine

In mid-1943, General Electric began development of the TG-180 (military designation J35). With a need for manufacturing capacity to be augmented, the Chevrolet Division of General Motors was selected to provide engineering and development assistance, and later was chosen for primary production. After Chevrolet produced only 131 engines, it was decided in 1945 that remaining production would be moved to GM's Allison Division. Allison redesigned the J35, increasing its rated thrust from about 14,458 N (3,700 lb) to 22,240 N (5,000 lb), and developed an afterburner. A total of 14,169 J35s were built.

The J35 powered the Republic XF-84's first flight in early-1946, and, in 1947, it powered the Douglas Skystreak (D-558) to a world speed record. Other J35-powered aircraft included the Republic YF-84 and F-84B/C/D/E/G, Douglas XB-43, North American XB-45 and B-45, Consolidated XB-46, Boeing XB-47 and B-47A/B, Martin XB-48, Northrop RB-35B and YB-49, North American XF-86, Northrop XF-89 and F-89D/H/J.