Glove, Right, G3-C, Gemini 3, Young, Flown

This glove is part of the pair worn by astronaut John Young, pilot of the Gemini 3 flight in March 1965. The mission was a one-day flight, primarily to test the new, more maneuverable Gemini spacecraft.

These gloves were originally constructed by the B. F. Goodrich Company, but were modified for Gemini use by the David Clark Company. The gloves were equipped with finger-lights on the first two fingers of each hand to assist the astronauts during maneuvers on the dark side of the earth.

The gloves were constructed from HT (high temperature) nylon and has a strap and buckle adjustment around the wrist and palm, and the red and blue anodized aluminum wrist disconnects. There is a steel palm bar in between the layers of the gloves.

Transferred from NASA - Johnson Space Center in 1973.