Glove, Right, G4-C, Gordon, Gemini XI

This is the right glove from the spacesuit that Richard F. Gordon, Jr. wore during his Gemini XI mission during 12-15 September 1966. During that mission Pete Conrad was the command pilot and Gordon the pilot on the mission. Gordon performed two Extravehicular Activities (EVAs) which included attaching a tether to an Agena target vehicle and retrieving a nuclear emulsion experiment package.

The David Clark Company designed and built this glove along with the spacesuit in consultation with NASA. The gloves are personalized for each astronaut and consist of a neoprene liner cover by a few layers of non-porous cloth. The glove attaches to the suit by means of an anodized aluminum wrist ring. As this is the right glove, the ring is red. There are two exterior adjustable restraints to refine the fit to the hands. The glove is also equipped with a small flashlight on the index finger.

NASA transferred this glove, along with Gordon's Gemini XI suit, to the Museum in 1972.