"Going to work in Space", Columbia First launch

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This "Going to Work in Space" poster was produced by the U.S. Government Printing Office for NASA in celebration of the Space Transportation System, also known as a the space shuttle. The central image of the orbiter "Columbia" awaiting launch is from one of the first two missions, during which the external tank (ET) was painted white to protect the tank's insulation from ultraviolet light. Leaving the ET unpainted ultimately reduced the tank's weight by 272 kg (600 lbs), without increasing any risk to the system.

This poster was collected by Nancy Yasecko, a filmmaker who grew up in Florida near Cape Canaveral, and whose film "Growing Up with Rockets," released in 1985, is a personal memoir of growing up in the shadow of the United States' civil human spaceflight program. This poster is part of a collection of artifacts that Yasecko donated to the Museum in 2012 along with a copy of the film, which is held by the Museum's film archives.