Greve Trophy

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This object is not on display at the National Air and Space Museum. It is either on loan or in storage.

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The first Louis W. Greve trophy race was part of the 1934 National Air Races. It is a famous trophy that was awarded annually at National Air Races, in both Cleveland, Ohio and Los Angeles, California from 1934 throughout 1939.

Its recipients include: Leland Miles of Los Angeles, California won in 1934; Harold Newman of Moline, Illinois in 1935; Michel Detroyat of France in 1936; R. A. Kling of Lemont, Illinois in 1937; Tony LeVier of Montebello, California in 1938; and by Arthur C. Chester of Los Angeles, California in 1939. The trophy was awarded for airplanes not having 550 cubic inch displacement motors and was originally presented by the Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company. The Cleveland Pneumatic Company has donated this important piece of memorabilia to the museum for public display.