Hardman Peck & Co. Propeller, fixed-pitch, two-blade, wood

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A New York City producer of fine pianos beginning in 1842, and continuing to this day, Hardman Peck & Co. was also one of many wood propeller manufacturers for the U.S. Government during World War I. This artifact exhibits a common feature of early wooden propellers, having asymmetrical leading and trailing edges and fabric covered tips.

The propeller was for the single Le Rhône engine on a Thomas Morse S.4.C Scout tractor biplane, the favorite trainer of that period. The Thomas-Morse Aircraft Corporation, founded in 1910 in Hammondsport, New York, was taken over by the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation in 1929.

The Le Rhône was a popular rotary aircraft engine produced in France by Société des Moteurs Le Rhône around 1916. It powered a number of military aircraft of the World War I. The S.4.C's engine was made under license in the United States by Union Switch and Signal of Pennsylvania.