Heinkel He S 011 Turbojet Engine

In the fall of 1942, Heinkel received a contract for the He S 011, a high pressure ratio engine with a growth potential of 15,568 N (3,500 lb.). Dr. Hans von Ohain, who generally shares credit with Britain’s Sir Frank Whittle for independently inventing the jet engine, designed the engine

Some advanced features included a novel high mass flow, high pressure ratio inducer stage followed by a 3-stage, 50 percent reaction axial compressor, and a two-stage, air-cooled, axial-flow turbine. The first engine ran in early 1944, and by early 1945 it met or exceeded all of the performance goals. The engine was flight tested under the fuselage of a Junkers Ju-88 test-bed aircraft, but was not ready for production before the war ended in Europe and only small numbers of prototypes were produced. Its one intended airframe application, the Heinkel He 162a, was also not built.