Helmet, EV, Irwin, Apollo 15

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This object is on display in the Human Spaceflight at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA.

Human Spaceflight

This Lunar Extra-Vehicular Visor Assembly (LEVA) was worn by astronaut James Irwin, Lunar Module Pilot of the Apollo 15 mission to the Hadley Rille area of the moon in July/August, 1971.

The A7-LB Lunar Extravehicular Visor Assembly consisted of a polycarbonate shell onto which the cover, visors, hinges, eyeshades and latch are attached. It consisted of two visors, one covered with a thermal control coating and the other with a gold optical coating. It had one center and two side sunshields which could be raised and lowered independently of the other two visors. This visor was worn over the pressure helmet and fastened with a latch during EVA periods and provided impact, micrometeoroid, thermal, ultraviolet and infrared light protection.

Transferred to the national Air and Space Museum from NASA in 1974.