Jacuzzi Bros. Co. Propeller, fixed-pitch, two-blade, wood

The Jacuzzi name is well known for whirlpool baths; however, the family's company has an important aeronautical history. Seven Jacuzzi brothers emigrated from Italy to California in the early-20th century, where they became machinists. After witnessing stunt flights in 1915, brother Rachelle began making propellers, and opened the Jacuzzi Brothers Company.

The company provided military airplane propellers during World War I for use with Liberty engines, and also had an unsuccessful venture into aircraft manufacturing. Following the 1921 death of brother Giocondo in a company manufactured plane, the Jacuzzi parents asked their sons to leave the aviation business because of the inherent risk. The experience with propeller manufacturing led first to agricultural water pumps, and finally to the whirlpool bath in 1955.

This artifact is from the collection of Mary E. "Mother" Tusch, who was an avid supporter of aviation and aviators in Berkeley, California for much of the 20th century.