Kit, Desalinization, Rucksack #1, Apollo

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This object is not on display at the National Air and Space Museum. It is either on loan or in storage.

Collection Item Summary:

In the event of the astronauts being forced to spend extended periods at sea awaiting rescue, means to convert seawater into drinking water was provided. This bag was designed to be used in conjunction with chemical desalinization packages also contained in the astronauts’ survival rucksack. The desalter kits contained a desalter process bag, desalter tablets, and bag repair tape. The desalter bags are plastic with a filter at the bottom. To use, approximately one pint of water is put into a bag and one tablet added. After one hour, drinking water may be taken through a valve on the bottom of the bag. The water was drinkable, though not particularly palatable.

This artifact was transferred from NASA to the Smithsonian in 1978. It was not flown.