Liquid Cooling Garment, S# 067, Apollo

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    Liquid Cooling Garment, S# 067, Apollo

    Cream-colored mesh long-john-type garment with front zipper, attached cotton socks; narrow PVC tubes threaded throughout, meeting at connector at waist.

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This Apollo Liquid Cooling Garment (LCG) was made for the Apollo program. It was not flown and was transferred to the National Air and Space Museum from NASA in 1973.

Liquid Cooling Garments were worn by the Apollo astronauts underneath the spacesuit, and were designed to keep the astronaut's body temperature within normal ranges by allowing cool water to circulate through the tubes.

The water was kept at body temperature and circulated through the personal life support system (PLSS) through the water connectors on the front of the spacesuit and into the liquid cooling garment beneath. The body-warmed water was pumped out through the spacesuit and back into the PLSS for cooling.

Transferred to NASM from NASA, Manned Spacecraft Center in 1973