Magazine, 3,800 ft Feed, ICBC, IMAX

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NASA flew this feed film magazine with the IMAX camera in the payload bay of the space shuttle on seven missions in the 1980s and 1990s to capture film footage for four IMAX productions. Perhaps the most notable use of the camera was to film the deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope during STS-31 in 1990, footage that later went on to use in the IMAX films Destiny in Space (1994) and Hubble 3D (2010).

Once mounted inside an insulated pressurized container in the payload bay, film and lenses could not be changed in the camera, and the shuttle itself needed to move to pan or tilt for filming as the camera was on a fixed base. This magazine contained unexposed film. Connected to the film transport, film was pulled from this magazine and into the camera body. The magazines held up to 1,158 m (3,800 ft) of 70mm film.

Gift of the IMAX Corporation in 2011.