McCauley Industrial Corp. Propeller, fixed-pitch, two-blade, metal

Ernest G. McCauley was a foremost pioneer in in the aircraft propeller industry, receiving a reward for outstanding service to the U.S. Government from 1918 to 1950. He held numerous patents on controllable propellers. The McCauley Aviation Corporation of Dayton, OH was founded in 1938. During World War II, McCauley produced 20,000 conventional ground-adjustable solid steel propellers. The company was bought by Cessna in 1960, which later became part of the Textron Corporation in 1992.

This fixed pitch propeller (trade-name "MET-L-PROP"), developed in 1947, was the first all metal propeller for use on light airplanes of the Cessna and Piper Cub class. It is forged in one piece, including the hub, of aluminum.