Medal, Distinguished Service Cross, United States Army Air Forces

The Distinguished Service Cross is the second highest military award that was given to a member of the United States Army (including the Air Service), for extreme gallantry and risk of life in actual combat with an armed enemy force. The DSC is second only to the Medal of Honor and was established in January 1918.

This medal was presented to Dr. Thomas N. Weems for action during the Battle of Midway on June 4 1942.. He served as a navigator on the Martin B-26 Marauder “Winsockie” of 69th Bombardment Squadron. The “Winsockie” was one of the two B-26s of the 69th Bombardment Squadron assigned to Midway Island in June 1942. Equipped with an improvised torpedo bracket, the “Winsockie” along with 4 other B-26s from the 18th Reconnaissance Squadron were the first American aircraft to attack the Japanese carrier fleet on the morning June 4, 1942. Only two of these aircraft returned from the mission. Although the attack was unsuccessful, it was crucial in convincing Adm. Nugumo, to re-arm the Japanese aircraft with torpedoes and armor piercing bombs to contact bombs for a second strike on Midway Island. This decision provided the United States Navy the pivotal time that allowed its carrier aircraft to strike and sink the Japanese aircraft carriers later on morning of June 4, 1942.