Model, ASM-135 Miniature Homing Vehicle, Full Scale Cutaway

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This is a full-scale cutaway model of the Miniature Homing Vehicle (MHV), the hit-to-kill vehicle made by LTV Corporation and carried on the Air Force's Anti-Satellite Missile-135. The system was developed in response to a 1976 directive by President Ford to develop a non-nuclear anti-satellite weapon capable of destroying Soviet low-altitude satellites. After an F-15 launched the two-stage missile, the MHV would separate from the second stage and its infrared sensor would acquire the target. Small rocket motors would be fired to steer toward it and the MHV would impact and destroy it. The MHV was the first "hit-to-kill" technology developed by the United States. The system was successfully tested against an obsolete Air Force satellite in 1985, but congressional opposition soon led to the early termination of the program.

LTV Corporation made the model and Jack Anthony donated it to the museum in 2014.