Model, D7 Klingon Battle Cruiser, "Star Trek"

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This model of a Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser was used in the filming of the television series "Star Trek," which aired on NBC from 1966-1969. In the original series, this is the standard fighter spacecraft of the warlike Klingon Empire. According to the Star Trek story line, Starfleet first makes contact with the Klingon Empire in the year ("stardate") 2151. As a result, the first Klingon Battle cruiser appeared on television in 1968, during the series' third season.

Art designer Walter Matthews "Matt" Jefferies designed this model to be visually different from Starfleet ships, with a greener hull color, long "neck," and bulbous front bridge. Jefferies donated this model, used in distance shots, to the Smithsonian Institution in 1973.