Model, Gemini, 1/3 Scale

This model shows the complete, two-astronaut Gemini spacecraft as it appeared in orbit. The black reentry module with two hatches contained the pressurized crew cabin and had the heat shield. Unlike the Mercury and Apollo spacecraft, the Gemini did not have an escape tower to pull it away from the booster during a launch emergency. Instead the astronauts had ejection seats. The forward part of the nose section contained the parachutes and was jettisoned before landing in the ocean.

Behind the reentry module is the white adapter module, which had two parts. Nearest the cabin was the retrograde section, with four solid-fuel rockets to slow the Gemini down and bring it back to Earth. Farthest from the cabin was the equipment section containing propellants for the maneuvering thrusters, fuel cells for electric power, and life-support equipment for the cabin while in orbit. Each section was jettisoned in turn before reentry.