Model, Missile, SUM-N-2 Grebe

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This object is not on display at the National Air and Space Museum. It is either on loan or in storage.

Collection Item Summary:

This is a model of an experimental antisubmarine weapon with wings and engine to be launched from the deck of a ship, fly toward a submarine target, and then release a homing torpedo when the target was within the torpedo’s range. It was part of the US Navy Bureau of Ordnance Project Kingfisher, and was developed by Goodyear on contract to the National Bureau of Standards. It was known at various times as Kingfisher A, SUM-N-2, and finally Grebe. It never became an operational system, though it provided experience used in development of subsequent ASROC weapons.

C.L. Zakhartchenko built and donated this model to the Museum in 1970.