Nozzle, Rocket, Cooled, Experimental

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    Nozzle, Rocket, Cooled, Experimental

    Nozzle with steel wire spot welded around entire length in a spiral pattern, with narrower distances between spirals around throat area; machining lines visible in interior of nozzle; green splotch at bottom of spiral.

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Shown here is the exhaust nozzle for an experimental vernier rocket motor built by the Reaction Motors Division of the Thiokol Chemical Corporation, most likely in the late 1950s or early 1960s. Vernier engines found widespeard use during the time for attitude control on rockets and spacecraft.

This artifact shows a wired pattern around the nozzle, which did not appear in the motor's final, operational configuration. Placement of the wire on the outside contolled the velocity of the fuel coolant between the inner and outer surfaces of the nozzle.

Donated by the Reaction Motors Division of the Thiokol Chemical Corporation.