Pressure Suit, G4-C, Lovell, Gemini 12, Flown

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This spacesuit was worn by James A. Lovell, Jr. during the final Gemini mission. The flight was launched on November 11, 1966 from Pad 19 at Cape Kennedy, and lasted almost 4 days. Gemini 12 linked up with the Agena 12 target, which had been inserted into orbit 90 minutes earlier, and was the first U.S. mission to see a total eclipse.

The spacesuit was constructed by the David Clark Company, with the designation G-4-C. The G-4-C EVA suit was composed of 21 layers, (including the cotton undergarment) as opposed to the 4 layers of theG-3-C suit.

The spacesuit was developed by the Manned Spaceflight Center, Crew Systems Division, and designed and constructed by the David Clark Company of Worcester, Massachusetts, incorporating B.F. Goodrich helmet and gloves.

Transferred to the National Air and Space Museum from NASA in 1968