Rocket Motor, Solid Fuel, Marc 6

This is a Marc 6 spin-stabilized rocket motor developed and manufactured by the Atlantic Research Corporation (ARC). NASA typically used motors of this type--essentially boosters--on the upper stages of launch vehicles for missions that required especially high velocities. The launching of deep space probes is one such example. NASA's Delta launch vehicle made us of the Marc 6 motor. Variants of this design, such as the Marc 6A1, provided spin-stabilized thrust for the Thor-Able IV Venus probe in the late 1950s. The Marc 6A2 and 6A3 flew on the Astrobee 1500 sounding rocket in the 1960s. Thrust of the Marc 6A varied between 151 and 292 pounds (depending on the firing temperature) for a duration of 1.2 to 1.8 seconds.

Transferred to NASM from the Atlantic Research Corporation.