Rocket Motor, Solid Fuel, Ohka

This rocket motor powered the Japanese Ohka bomb of World War II, a small, anti-ship, manned suicide aircraft. Each Ohka, known to the Americans as the Baka (Foolish) bomb, was fitted with three of the rockets. The motors used solid propellant and produced an average thrust of 7,600 N ( 1,700 lbs.) for 10 seconds. The Ohka was carried by a host aircraft, usually a Betty bomber, flying at about 370 km/h (230 mph) and launched from an altitude of about 1500 m (5,000 ft) and a distance of 10 km ( 6-7 miles) from the target ship. The Ohka glided towards the target and the pilot had a standard aircraft control stick. He usually fired the three rocket motors on a close approach to the target to give the bomb more speed.

The US Naval Academy donated this motor to the Smithsonian.