Rocket, Side-Stick Mounted, Congreve 32-Pounder, Replica

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This is a replica of the side stick mounted pattern of the Congreve 32-pounder war rocket developed by the Englishman, William Congreve. It was fitted with an explosive warhead but incendiary warheads could also be attached. The side-stick pattern was Congreve's first type of war rocket and appeared from 1804.

But from 1815 on, he shifted the guidestick so that it screwed to the middle of a base plate around five exhaust holes. This arrangement was called the central stick pattern and was more accurate since the stick was moved towards the center of gravity. The maximum range of 32-pounders was about 3,000 yards. This model was donated to the Smithsonian in 1976 by The Science Museum of London, England.