Rutan VariEze Kit Components

Burt Rutan transformed the whole approach to the traditional design and construction of homebuilt aircraft when he began selling plans to build the VariEze ('very easy') during summer 1976. Propelled by a 100-horsepower engine, a VariEze, built to Rutan's specifications, could carry two adults for about 1,127 km (700 miles) at approximately 290 kph (180 mph). Loaded light without a passenger and only an hour of fuel on board, most VariEzes can climb at 608 m (2,000 ft) per minute and operate at altitudes near 7,600 m (25,000 ft). Rutan sold 4,500 plan sets by the end of 1979 and two hundred VariEzes were flying by 1980. James O. Eggleston generously donated this collection of VariEze components to the Museum in 1989. It consisted of foam blocks, fiberglass cloth, a preformed, one-piece canopy, miscellaneous hardware, landing gear struts, an assembly manual, and other parts.