Space Food, Macaroni and Cheese, Skylab

These can of macaroni and cheese was typical of the menu choices aboard Skylab. The food lockers and freezers aboard Skylab were stocked with a variety of canned, frozen, and dehyrated items for the three astronaut crews who occupied the space station in 1973-1974.

More than 70 assorted foods (cereal, eggs, bread, soup, meat, vegetables, fruit, desserts, snacks, and beverages) were available to Skylab astronauts. Food items packaged in pop-top aluminum cans or plastic pouches were heated in and eaten from these disposable containers. Beverages, made by adding hot or cold water to powdered mixes, were sipped from squeezable plastic containers with straws. Astronauts prepared their meals at the galley table, using warmer trays to heat canned foods and a water gun to rehydrate dried foods.

Transferred from NASA to the Museum in 1982.