Stand, Model, Star Trek, Starship Enterprise

This commercial model of the USS Starship Enterprise featured in the "Star Trek" TV series broadcast on NBC from 1966-1969 was built from a kit produced by AMT Corp.

The Enterprise was meant to travel many times beyond light speed and was powered by a controlled matter/anti-matter system, a propulsion concept "stretched" from a then accepted theory. The fictional ship grossed 190,000 tons, had a length of 947 feet, a 417 feet in diameter for the primary saucer-shaped hull comprising 11 decks, and had a crew complement of 430.

The donor, Richard G. Van Treuren, built and modified the AMT kit while serving at sea aboard the naval aircraft carrier U.S.S. Kitty Hawk (CV-63) before donating it to the Museum in 1973.