Stinson SR-10F Reliant

Remembered as a ruggedly built aircraft, the Stinson SR-10F Reliant is part of a series of powerful cabin airplanes outfitted as well-appointed executive and business aircraft or as sturdy utility craft and airliners. This particular aircraft, one of only 18 of this model, participated in airmail pick-up experiments for All American Aviation in the early 1940s, as well as in the United States Army Air Force's 1943 experimental tests in the rescue and recovery of positioned gliders and people. On September 5, 1943, Captain Norman Rintoul, a former All American pilot, successfully maneuvered this aircraft in the first successful pick-up of a person from the ground.

After completion of the pick-up experiments, the Army declared the aircraft surplus in 1945, and it was repurchased by All American and then Rintoul, who flew it on the air-show circuit demonstrating human pick-ups. It was donated to the National Air Museum in 1949. After being restored in 1993, it has been on loan to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, DC.