Strap, Docking Probe Stowage, Inboard, Apollo 11

When not required, the lunar module docking probe is stowed under the right seat pan and the drogue under the back pan of the right couch. The two drogue stow straps are attached to the right body support by one strap each. When not in use, the free end of the straps are attached to the couch also.

The inboard strap is 26 inches long with a snap hook at one end, a right angle hook at the other, and a 6-inch bungee section. To stow the probe, it is positioned under the seat pan with the probe pointing outboard. The right angle hook is attached around the lap belt connector on the seat pan by pressing the hook lever. The straps are then routed around the ends of the probe and the hook end are snapped to the "D" rings on the right couch. When not in use, the probe straps are stowed in a locker in the command module aft compartment.

This is the inboard strap for the docking probe that flew on the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969. It was transferred to the Smithsonian in 1970.