Turbopump Assembly, Rotating, for M-1 Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine

This is the turbopump rotating assembly for the M-1 rocket engine. The M-1 was a liquid oxygen (lox)/liquid hydrogen rocket engine of 1.2 to 1.5 million pounds thrust designed by the Aerojet General Corporation. It was developed as an advanced powerplant for heavy-lift, deep space missions of the post-Saturn V era. The engine was conceived for use in the contemplated Nova super booster.

Plans to use the M-1 in the Nova vehicle included from five to fourteen of the engines. Aerojet received the contract for the M-1 in April 1962 and initially called for a 1.2 million pound engine. After delays, the first tests were made by March 1966 and the first full thrust tests made in July-August 1966. However, due to funding problem for post-Apollo projects, these were the last tests of the M-1 and its development ended.

Aerojet General donated this M-1 turbopump to the Smithsonian Institution in 1968.