Vincent Bendix Trophy

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The Vincent Bendix Trophy transcontinental race was established in 1931 to encourage experimental work in connection with increased speed in the field of aviation. The advancements made for the competition had a direct impact on the future of commercial aviation.

Air races began to lose much of their appeal after the Golden Age of Air Racing, as many high-performance aircraft were owned by the government and the military tested them in private.

Gift of the Clifford W. Henderson Family Trust


1931Maj. James H. Doolittle

1932Capt. James H. Haizlip

1933Roscoe Turner

1934Douglas Davis

1935Ben O. Howard

1936Louise Thaden and Blanche Noyes

1937Frank W. Fuller Jr.

1938Jacqueline Cochran

1939Frank W. Fuller Jr.

1940-45 No award

1946Paul Mantz, Jacqueline Cochran, and Col. Leon W. Gray

1947Paul Mantz, Jane Page, Col. Leon W. Gray, and Maj. Clay M. Albright

1948Paul Mantz, Jacqueline Cochran, and Ensign R. E. Brown

1949Joe DeBona and Maj. Vernon A. Ford

1950No award

1951Col. Keith K. Compton

1952No award

1953Maj. William T. Whisner Jr.

1954Capt. Edward W. Kenny

1955Col. Carlos M. Talbott

1956Capt. Manuel J. Fernandez Jr.

1957Capt. Kenneth D. Chandler

1958-60 No award

1961Lt. Richard F. Gordon and Lt. j.g. Bobbie R. Young

1962Capt. Robert G. Sowers, Capt. Robert MacDonald, and Capt. John T. Walton