Yokosuka Naval Air Arsenal YE2H (Ha 73 Model 01), W-18 Engine

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In 1934, the Japanese Navy began development of an 18-cylinder, 40 degree angle W-type engine known as the 671 kW (900 shp) Model 94. More powerful versions of this engine were later undertaken, including the YE2A which started development around 1937-38.

A derivative of the YE2A was this W-type engine known as Ken No. 3 (believed to be the YE2H, also Ha 73 Model 01) began its development around 1942, and construction is believed to have been finished about March 1944. The purpose of this design was to promote aircraft streamlining and thus speed. The intended airframe application is unknown, but the engine design is for a pusher installation. The engine was experimentally tested, but there is no record indicating that it was test flown.

None of the high power liquid-cooled engines under development by Japan reached operational status by war’s end, and, following the war, the focus of international engine development turned toward turbine engines.