Human Spaceflight

The Human Spaceflight collection spans decades of achievements from the first U.S. manned Mercury missions through Apollo, the Space Shuttle, and the International Space Station.

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Survival Kit, Friendship 7 (MA-6) Object Mercury Capsule 15B, Freedom 7 II Object Mercury Capsule Object Parachute, Personnel, Gemini XI Object John Glenn Training Couch Object Shade, Window, Gemini XII Object Gemini Paraglider Research Vehicle 1-A with Wing Object Helmet, Gemini, G4-C, Gold Visor, Training Object Boot, Left, G2-C, Training Object Boot, Right, G2-C, Training Object Wing, Rogallo Paraglider, Gemini Object Camera, Instrument Observer, Gemini 2 Object Helmet, Mercury, Cooper, Training Object Helmet, A-1-C Object Camera, Television, Apollo Object Lens, Wide Angle, Television Camera, Apollo 13 Object Game, Velcro Darts, Skylab Object Pressure Suit, A7-LB, Irwin, Apollo 15, Flown Object Helmet, EV, Irwin, Apollo 15 Object Helmet, Pressure Bubble, Irwin, Apollo 15 Object Glove, Left, A7-LB, Extravehicular, Apollo 15, Irwin, Flown Object Glove, Right, A7-LB, Extravehicular, Apollo 15, Irwin, Flown Object Apollo 11 Flotation Bag Object Apollo 11 Flotation Bag Object
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