Can you imagine going faster than the speed of sound during your next flight? When taking a Concorde, that's exactly what passengers would do! But since the retirement of that famous aircraft in 2003, there hasn't been a commercial aircraft that flies faster than the speed of sound. NASA is trying to change that. The Lockheed Martin X-59 QueSST will test technology to fly faster and quieter, and data gathered from the X-59 will pave the way for commercial supersonic flight over land. Join Nils Larson, the lead NASA test pilot for X-59, Alexandra Loubeau, an acoustics engineer, and Ray Castner, the propulsion lead for the X-59, as they discuss this program and answer your questions about supersonic flight.

Tune in to the webcast on this page or watch on Facebook Live on the National Air and Space Museum Facebook page.

This program is made possible by the generous support of Boeing.


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