26,000 miles, 22 countries, six continents... and one pole to pole flight! In 2020, Robert DeLaurentis flew from the South Pole to the North Pole in his aircraft Citizen of the World. Throughout the epic journey, he set many firsts and records, including: the first successful use of biofuels over the North and South Poles, the longest distance flown in a twin or single engine turboprop (17.5 hours), and the first and fastest Polar circumnavigation of the planet in a twin or single engine turboprop. Besides being an adventure to remember, it was a soul searching experience. Tune in to this global journey and join the conversation with DeLaurentis as he discusses this amazing flight and answers your questons!

Tune in to the webcast on this page or watch on Facebook Live on the National Air and Space Museum Facebook page.

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