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Each day, high above the clouds, dozens of sophisticated imaging satellites circle the earth. These high-tech machines are capable of capturing extraordinary conditions and events which are nearly impossible to document from the surface of the planet. Satellite technology allows geologists, meteorologists, and other scientists to acquire precise, up-to-date images that illustrate how the earth changes from day to day and year to year. Recording environmental cycles, natural disasters, and man-made ecological effects, satellite images provide clues about the dynamic nature of our planet.

Earth from Space presented views of the planet few have witnessed with their own eyes: the swirling arms of a massive hurricane, the grid-like pattern of stripped Bolivian farmland, the triangular shadows cast by the Great Pyramids, the sinuous bend of a Venetian canal. Earth from Space also contains a powerful selection of images showing recent events such as the tsunami-devastated regions of the Pacific.

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