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Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 spacesuit

Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 A7–L Spacesuit

A scientific—and artistic—masterpiece, Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 spacesuit is considered the most important spacesuit ever built. It is notable as much for its advanced design as for its historical significance.

Custom–fitted spacesuits were created for a single use, and this one provided a life–sustaining environment for Armstrong every time he encountered the airless environment of space. Design features allowed maximum mobility and comfort for up to 115 hours of use, though Armstrong wore his for just a few hours.

The nearly 20 layers of the spacesuit served many functions, including creating a pressurized environment, protection against the intense heat and cold of the lunar surface, impacts from micrometeoroids, and the damaging effects of certain wavelengths of light. The helmet’s gold visor could be lowered for protection from the harsh sunlight, and the blue silicone fingertips on the gloves provided some touch sensitivity.

Transferred from NASA

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