The Aerial Age Begins
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The Public Imagination
The Public Imagination
The Wrights’ stunning flights not only impressed the thousands who came to see them, but also were front-page news everywhere. The public had an insatiable appetite for information about them—what their personalities were like, who they met, what they ate, where they slept, where they were going next.
Caricature of Wilbur Wright
Caricature of Wilbur Wright. Note that he is depicted with wings.

May I introduce myself
Everyone was clamoring to meet the Wrights: other prominent aviators, people with business deals, reporters, adoring women seeking their attention.
The many faces of the Wrights
The Wrights disliked the attention and bristled at the widely inaccurate characterizations of themselves. In the age of mass media, caricature became a hallmark of celebrity. The brothers’ likenesses were captured in a range of interpretations, not always flattering.
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Caricature of Orville Wright

Caricature of Orville Wright.