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The Hudson-Fulton
The Hudson-Fulton Celebration
Wilbur made headlines again in the fall of 1909 with several spectacular flights at New York’s Hudson-Fulton Celebration, a lavish event honoring the centennial of Robert Fulton’s North River Steamboat and the 300th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s entry into New York Harbor. Both Wilbur and rising American aviation star Glenn Curtiss were contracted to fly during the event.
Wilbur Wright Flying past New York
Wilbur passes the New York skyline. More than one million New Yorkers witnessed the flight.

On October 4, 1909, Wilbur made a 20-mile flight up the Hudson River from Governors Island to Grant’s Tomb and back in 33 minutes. He lashed a canoe to the bottom of his airplane in case of an emergency landing in the water. More than one million New Yorkers witnessed the flight.
<i>Harper's Weekly</i> October 9, 1909
The popular journal Harper's Weeklycovered Wilburs' circling of the Statue of Liberty.

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artifact gallery Tickets to the Hudson-Fulton Celebration
Tickets to the Hudson-Fulton Celebration.
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