The Wright Brothers. The Invention of the Aerial Age. Wright Brothers Biography: An Illustrated Timeline.
  Step 1:
Choose a Subject
Which one of the Wright brothers will you choose? Either Wilbur or Orville will be fun to study. Look through the images in the Archives to learn more about Wilbur and Orville. There are four categories in the Archives. One category for Wilbur and one category for Orville. The other two categories have information about both brothers.

Step 2:
Complete the Research Sheet
Print the Research Sheet or get a copy from your teacher. Go to the Archives to find the information you need to fill-in the Research Sheet.

Step 3:
Create Your Biography Page
View the Sample Biography Page to get an idea of how your page will look. Select an image from the Archives and begin writing your paragraph in the Biographer's Insight box.

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