Who Were Wilbur and Orville?
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Picture of Wright 1901 glider
Picture of Bicycle Apparatus
Bicycle Apparatus
By the fall of 1905, the Wright brothers experimental period ended
The poor lift performance of their 1900 glider made the Wright brothers question, but not abandon, the aerodynamic data and equations they had relied upon. To increase lift on their next glider, they simply increased the size of the wings and the curvature of the airfoil. They returned to Kitty Hawk in 1901 to test the new glider.
The results were discouraging. Although more and longer free glides were made than in the previous year, the new glider performed worse than the 1900 craft. It still suffered from lack of lift and now had control problems as well.
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Wing Shapes

Wilbur and Orville conducted tests on as many as 200 wing shapes
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