Who Were Wilbur and Orville?
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Picture of Wright 1902 glider
Picture of Wright 1902 glider
Picture of Success
Close to a true airplane - the 1902 glider performed dramatically better than its predecessors.
By December 1901, the Wright brothers had accumulated all the aerodynamic data they needed to build a successful flying machine. However, they did not immediately try to build a powered airplane. They could not be sure that data obtained from tiny model wings would translate to a full-size aircraft. And they still had to solve the mysterious control problems that surfaced during the 1901 glider trials.

Rather than risk life and limb on a large, heavy, untried powered flying machine, Wilbur and Orville decided to build one more glider.
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Wingtip Photo
This wingtip is the only surviving piece from any of the three Wright gliders
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