Perseverance and Ingenuity

A ground-breaking rover (literally it collects rocks) and a record-breaking helicopter are the newest residents of Mars since landing in 2021. 

Perseverance, the rover, seeks signs of ancient life and collect rock samples that may later be returned to Earth.

Ingenuity, the helicopter, made the first powered flight on another planet and went on to explore the Red Planet for almost three years.


The latest rover to land on Mars, Perseverance is exploring ancient lake and delta deposits to determine what the ancient lake was like and whether there are any preserved biosignatures related to life on Mars.

Nickname: Percy


Independent of the rover’s science mission, this helicopter made the first powered, controlled flight on another planet. While Mars has lower gravity at about one-third that of Earth, its atmosphere is only one percent as dense, which makes the helicopter’s task of getting off the ground much more difficult.

Nickname: Ginny


By the Numbers

Landed on Mars: February 18, 2021
Size: Car sized, 10 feet long (not including the arm), 9 feet wide, 7 feet tall
Earth weight: 2,260 pounds

About the Mission

This blog post was published in 2021 before Perseverance landed.

What's different about Perseverance?

This blog post was published in 2020 before Perseverance landed.

One Year of Perseverance

This blog post was published in February 2022.


By the Numbers

First Flight: April 19, 2021
Last Flight: January 18, 2024
Air Time: 72 flights completing 128.8 flying minutes covering 10.5 miles
Size: Less than 2 feet tall, with rotors stretching about 4 feet
Earth weight: About 4 pounds

Looking Forward to the First Flight

This blog post was published in April 2021. 

Six Months of Ingenuity

This blog post was published in October 2021. 

One Year of Ingenuity

This blog post was published in April 2022. 

At the Museum

In May 2016, the prototype Mars helicopter achieved the first powered, controlled free flight in simulated Mars atmospheric conditions. The test took place inside NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab's Space Simulator, a 25-foot-wide vacuum chamber that had been evacuated and backfilled with a thin carbon dioxide atmosphere similar to that found on Mars.

The prototype is now in the Museum's collection.   

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