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Money from the federal government keeps the Smithsonian's buildings open, funds research, and safeguards the collections, but we rely on the generous support of people like you to bring the museum to life. 

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You will help reimagine the National Mall building for a new generation of pioneers and explorers, with new galleries that feature inspiring stories, incredible artifacts, and immersive experiences.


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You will help greet more than eight million guests every year, nearly a third of whom journey from other countries to visit this quintessentially American museum.


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You will help conserve and present the world’s most complete collection of iconic air and space artifacts, such as the original Wright Flyer, Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, and more than 69,000 other objects.


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You will help create more than one million educational moments each year and ensure that students and educators have dynamic new platforms for STEAM learning in the reimagined exhibitions.


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You will join an extraordinary public-private partnership that supports world-class research and scholarship, all while preserving the history of air and space and inspiring the workforce of tomorrow.



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