Welcome to the Holt Scholars Program Page for DC Public Schools!

The Holt Scholars Program was established in 2014 by a generous donation from the Hillside Foundation to focus on educational outreach to DC Public School students, their families, and local teachers. In addition to sponsoring museum visits, the Holt Scholars Program also provides opportunities for teacher professional development and family engagement events including the upcoming DCPS Family night on March 27, 2020.

Currently, the Holt Scholars Program focuses on providing a district-approved, NGSS-aligned Cornerstone Field Trip experience to the National Air and Space Museum for all 6th grade DCPS Earth Science students as part of the Smithsonian’s DC Metro Initiative. Field trips for other grades and subjects are also available on a limited bases. Please visit the Reservation Page for additional information about requesting a field trip. 


Field Trip Overview

A standard 6th Grade Earth Science Cornerstone Field Trip consists of the following components:

Sample Agenda

9:30AM Depart School
10:00AM Arrive National Air and Space Museum
10:15AM IMAX Film (Component #1)
11:15AM Lunch (Component #2)
Small Group Activities (Components #3 & #4)
1:30PM Optional Time/ Free Exploration 
2:00PM Depart National Air and Space Museum
2:30PM Arrival back to school

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)