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STEM in 30 is an Emmy-nominated program for middle school students produced by the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. These 30 minute episodes are great for classroom use. New episodes are released every month, featuring hands-on activities, explanations of aviation and space topics aligned with national standards, and interviews with experts from the Museum and beyond.

STEM in 30 is made possible by Boeing, Hexcel, and Safran.

Most Recent Episode Food on the Fly

What does an olive have to do with an airline’s budget? What do onions and apples have in common? I need to eat, you need to eat — we all need to eat. In this episode of STEM in 30 we explore how the simple act of eating, under certain circumstances, can become complicated, and with some help from our friends, dive into the chemistry of cooking.

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This Season Never Miss an Episode, Subscribe on YouTube Food on the Fly

Explore how the simple act of eating, when in flight, can become complicated. Join us as we dive into the chemistry of cooking.

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How big is big? The Scale of the Solar System

Walk though things that are so mind-bendingly big we can’t measure them in inches, feet, or even miles. Find new ways to wrap your head around their size.  

Coming October 2023

Inspiration Space: Art, Photography and the Universe

What does it take to take a good picture ... of space?  Learn about that and take a closer look at some famous photos. 

Coming November 2023

International Collaboration: Building the New Frontier

Discover how we foster international collaboration here on Earth and how it relates to space exploration.

Coming February 2024

Breaking World Records in Space and Aviation

Look at setting and breaking world records in flights, jumps, and beyond, while investigating how other world records were achieved

Coming March 2024

The Great American Eclipse, Part 2

Just in time for the April 2024 solar eclipse, learn the best techniques for viewing the eclipse, the science behind it, and more.

Coming March 2024

Resources for Teachers

Each new episode of STEM in 30 will be accompanied by teacher tips for how to incorporate STEM in 30 in your classroom as well as which learning standards each episode meets. 

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