Scrapbook of Bell X-1 Presentation to Museum

Scrapbook page with 10 photographs on it
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Set of ten photographs documenting the presentation of the Bell X-1 to the National Air Museum at Boston Airport, August 26, 1950. In order, from 1-10: "1) General view of the area; 2-4) General Hoyt Vandenberg, the presentation talk. At his left are Dr. Wetmore and Lawrence Bell; 5) Conclusion of Gen. Vandenberg's talk and his presentation of Dr. Wetmore; 6-7) Dr. Wetmore's acceptance of the X-1 for the National Air Museum; 8) I don't recall who he is but he may have been [one] of the rocket engine makers. See the Air Force Association magazine report to identify him; 9) Gen. Vandenberg, Lawrence Bell, and Charles Yeager; 10) Dr. Wetmore, then-Major Yeager, and Lawrence Bell.

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