Holiday Card from NASA International Affairs to Arthur C. Clarke, Cover

foreground: close up of Viking lander with American flag and 1976 bicentennial symbol (white five-point star inside a stylized star of red, white and blue). Background: red rocky ground of Mars
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Cover of Holiday Card from NASA International Affairs Division to Arthur C. Clarke, 1976. Internal caption: "A portion of the Viking I lander depicting the U.S. flag and the official symbol of the American Bicentennial is shown against a picture of the Martian surface and sky taken on July 24, 1976. Facing southeast, orange red surface materials cover most of the surface, apparently forming a thin veneer over darker bedrock. A zone of large dark boulders is present in the far field. The sky has a reddish cast, which is probably due to scattering and reflection from reddish sediment suspended in the lower atmosphere."

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