“I am connected via the internet.... As a refugee, I cannot travel, but I am in touch with the world.”– Samira Abo Shaker,Bourj El Barajneh Refugee Camp, Beirut, Lebanon

About the Photographer 

Rania Matar (b. 1964, Lebanon)
As a Lebanese-born American artist and mother, my cross-cultural experience and personal narrative inform my photography. My work follows my path and my daughters’ through the states of being and transformations. I am interested in what it is like to be a girl, a woman and a mother, and how we make sense of a world that poses endless questions on girls and women of all backgrounds.

Finding connections between women is especially important in the current political climate we live in, where the ‘them vs. us’ rhetoric is prevalent. After all, I am ‘them’ and I am ‘us’–as we all truly are.