At the Spring National Air and Space Society lecture, three NASA astronauts with a combined 143 hours of extra-vehicular activity (EVA) share their stories and experiences of spacewalking in the Shuttle era.

A veteran of four space flights, Michael López-Alegría has logged more than 257 days in space and performed 10 spacewalks totaling 67 hours and 40 minutes. He currently holds the longest all-time EVA duration record of any American.

Story Musgrave was a NASA astronaut for over 30 years and flew on six missions. He performed the first shuttle spacewalk on Challenger’s first flight, was the lead spacewalker on the first Hubble Space Telescope repair mission, and spent 26 hours and 19 minutes on four EVAs.

Sunita Williams has spent a total of 322 days in space on two International Space Station expeditions. With 50 hours and 40 minutes on seven EVAs, she holds the record for cumulative spacewalk time by a female astronaut.