The International Space Station (ISS)

Soar Together: International Space Station

Soar Together @ Air and Space: International Space Station

Humans have been in space on the International Space Station (ISS) every day since November 2, 2000. The ISS serves not only as a space-based research facility, but also as a symbol of international cooperation. It has hosted astronauts from numerous countries and diverse backgrounds and they learn from each other as they explore the possibilities of longer human missions to the Moon and Mars.

Join us for a series of digital programs that focus on the history of the ISS, the people who have spent time on it, and the cooperation of diverse people from around the world that make the ISS a sustainable habitat for humans. Use the menu below to jump to the ones that interest you most:

This program is part of the Soar Together @ Air and Space series, which launches the second weekend of each month.

November Night Sky Bingo

Download a bingo sheet with celestial objects that kids and families can do anytime. 

How to Spot the ISS

Use our tips to spot the International Space Station from your backyard and check out NASA's Spot the Station website.

International Space Station Module Design Challenge

Build your own space station modules with items from your home.

Virtual Tour of the Space Station

Explore our astronauts' home in space with a virtual tour of the International Space Station.

Videos About the ISS

Explore the history and science of the International Space Station through clips from our STEM in 30 webcast series for middle school students.

How The International Space Station Was Built

Learn How Experiments Are Conducted on the ISS
Check out a DNA experiment you can do with your kids with this video of astronaut Kate Rubins demonstrating how to extract DNA from peas.

Why Do Astronauts Exercise At Least Two Hours a Day in Space?

Gardening Time With Astronaut Peggy Whitson
Try this gardening activity at home and learn how plants are grown on the International Space Station.

Make Your Own Astronaut Mission Patch

Flights of Fancy Story Time

Gather your little ones for virtual story time with the National Air and Space Museum as Museum educator Ann Caspari reads the original story "Building Our Home in the Stars" and shares a hands-on craft.

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